Facts by the numbers

  • 19% of U.S. homeowners report major structural damage, such as hole in roof, crumbling foundation, or broken windows.
  • 40% of households with children have one or more of the following:
    • physically inadequate housing.
    • crowded housing
    • cost burden exceeds 30% of income.
  • NOWHERE in US does a full-time minimum wage job cover the cost of a modest 2 bdrm at 30% income


The Fuller Center For Housing (FCH) , faith-driven and Christ Centered, promotes collaborative and innovative partnerships with individuals and organizations is an unrelenting quest to provide adequate shelter for all people in need wordwhile. FCH works by forming covenant partnerships with concerned groups of people, community organizations, churches and others. The Fuller Center then provides the structure, guidance and technical support needed to build and repair houses for people in need. FCH is committed to the development and uplifting of families and communities, not just the construction and rehabilitation of houses.

The Fuller Center For Housing (FCH) - Hero Project Lake Country is Fuller Center’s first active Illinois Covenant Partner. Hero Project Lake Country distinguishes itself by focusing on Housing, Wellness, and Working Families. Our hope is to link veterans and underserved men and women to the job and business opportunities where possible. Our purpose is to “give people a hand-up, not a hand out”, so that they have an active role in their own transformation. We do this by activating the hero that lies within…

We believe that God’s love, and our work, extends to everyone, regardless of race or faith. We welcome HEROES of all faiths who share our belief that helping someone to restore and own a home is part of basic human dignity.

How We Make Healthy Communities


We build families by helping them buy homes.

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We build Gardens for physical and social health.

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Working Families

We build the economy by helping people get jobs, start businesses and become tax paying citizens.

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Who are we?

The Fuller Center for Housing Hero Project is a faith-based 501-C3 non-profit that eradicates poverty housing.

We are a part of a world wide ministry 60 U.S. Partners and in 17 Countries around the world.

We offer 3 Programs

Affordable Housing

Wellness (mind, body, soul)

Working Families

What we do?

We rehab and build homes for hard working families who want a decent place to live.

We help restore people, with Life/Wellness Coaching

We restore communities economically and help businesses find good workers.

Why we do it?

Families sometimes need a “hand up” not a “hand out” to become healthy and sustainable

Our volunteers don’t want to just give a check, they want to get involved and make a difference.

What is a Hero?

The man or woman who joins our project is a Hero because they chose to change…

The man or woman who volunteers with us is a Hero because they chose to give… Their Time, Talent or Treasure

How does the Hero Project Work?

How does the Housing work?

  • We raise $50,000 with local Heroes to buy and rehab a home.
  • We vet local families who might qualify for the home following Affordable Housing Guidelines
  • Our Board and Selection Committee vote on the most qualified candidate after completing our classes
  • The family must have a job, have a down payment and be able to complete sweat equity hours to receive the home.
  • The family pays a monthly mortgage to FCH for 15 years.
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How does Wellness work?

  • We use our Wellness Heroes to teach workshops for the mind, body and soul
  • We partner with community agencies for land, volunteers and supplies for gardens
  • Projects include: Managing our 4 community gardens, helping to launch other partnership gardens, cooking and nutrition classes at our 10 week Free Farmers Market plus fitness and life coaching classes.
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How does Working Families work?

  • We partner with local job training programs and create internship opportunities to volunteer with our Fuller Projects.
  • During that process we vet strong candidates to refer for jobs via our Hero Network.
  • Areas include: Constructions Trades, Office Work, Sustainable Agriculture, Renewable Energy and Culinary Trades will be our future training and referral program.
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It takes a village...

The revitalization of a community cannot rest on the back of one individual, one business, or one organization.

Hero Project Lake County seeks to be a catalyst to not only build houses, but build strong communities. What super power do you possess? What gift do you have that's sitting on the shelf?

Join us... a network of everyday heroes for good!

Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime...

We have a simple mission: To activate the HERO that lives within us. By creating a collaborative movement that mobilizes people and organizations to use their talents, gifts, and resources,

We practice "Asset Based Community Development"

We network all the resources in a unified effort, eliminating duplication of services, and only seeking funds for the things we can't find in our community.

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